The Centre Of Dorridge

One of DDRA’s achievements has been to get Station Approach recognised as a Conservation Area. We recognise that there are still parts of the centre of Dorridge that are not worthy of such protection.

On a day to day basis, the DDRA attempt to keep the place tidy through our own efforts, and by working with Solihull MBC for projects which require their skills. So DDRA will sort out some planting, and are working on the land in front of the station. SMBC will sort out pavements, install more suitable street furniture and so on. The Council has recently spent a considerable sum refurbishing the Forest Court car park.

DDRA are keen to hear from residents who have innovative suggestions as to how the centre could be improved in both minor and more fundamental ways.


The Centre of Bentley Heath

DDRA also represent Bentley Heath. Though the “centre” of Bentley Heath is small, it has some advantages that Dorridge no longer has: like a Post Office! DDRA also wants to help improve the area and would welcome ideas. We want to make sure that Bentley Heath gets its fair share of attention.