Everyone who lives in our area of interest is welcome to join. There is a nominal annual charge of £1 per adult member of the household which runs from January to December and of course donations are always welcome. The best way to join is to contact our membership secretary – see our Contacts page.

The money goes towards projects such as the flowers around the station area, Christmas lights and so on. Our administration costs are minimal, and we get a reasonable amount of income from advertising in the newsletter which covers its costs and leaves us with a modest profit.

We occasionally get comments to the effect that the amount we charge for membership is too little. However, our income is sufficient for our activities, we happily receive donations from those who insist. If we do have a special project that requires extra funds, we have normally found that residents are willing and able to donate to the cause.

For ease of administration, we offer a standing order for payment of annual membership fees which saves you having to find the loose change and give it to us! DDRA Standing Order Form