We like to think of ourselves as a community together with our partner community of Knowle. We have gathered together some links on the right that help you to join in with that community. If you know of any useful local sites, let us know and we will add them.

Dorridge really is a commuter town – it did not exist before the railway arrived in the mid-1800’s. The Wikipedia entry attempts to cover some of that history, and if you have information then it can readily be added to that entry. Bentley Heath has a simlar history, though being based on a different land ownership which has a relationship with Widney Manor.

One aspect we are very keen to emphasise is what a green and pleasant land B93 is. Photographs back to the turn of the century show the tree-lined streets that characterise much of Dorridge and Bentley Heath and this isan important charactistic of the area still. It is important that we remember that when the developers come calling telling us how much they are improving our area for us.