Committee Members

All the committee members will be pleased to accept your calls or emails. If you are not sure who to call, we can always pass on the message to the correct committee member.

Of course, your official representative locally is your Councillor. See the links section for current contact details of the Dorridge & Hockely Heath Councillors.

We have a email address for you to use monitored by several committee members:

Position Name Contact No. (all 01564)
Chair Education/SALRUA (transport) Martin Lambert 230151
Bentley Heath Village Centre
Jane Holt 779235
Treasurer Vacant
Secretary Alison McCalum 739187
Police/Village Centre
Membership Secretary Helen Bragg 775358
Newsletter distribution
Committee Member Kevin Kane-Brooks 770711
Committee Member Patricia Eveson 774712
Committee Member
Committee Member

We hope that this site not only represents the views of the DDRA but also the local residents. Clearly there will be times that people hold different views, and DDRA will seek to assist all the residents if that is consistent with our stated aims. If you have any concerns please contact us, whether it be to criticise, correct or encourage.